About Biosimilar


  • Made from living organisms
  • Larger and complex Vs chemical drugs


  • Highly similar to biologics
  • Not identical to biologics

In the past 2- 3 decades, biologics have become an important part of

disease treatment in several diseases like

While these have proven well in treatment, cost for the patient is very high due to heavy drug development expenditure.
An alternative to biologicals is “biosimilars,” which are copies of biologicals and less expensive than the reference

Biopharmaceuticals / biologics/ biosimilars

Biosimilars are highly specific and targeted medicines

Biosimilars help to treat or prevent many rare and severe diseases, including: Cancers, Arthritis Psoriasis, Growth disorders, Inflammatory digestive disorders, Diabetes

Biosimilars come into the picture when the patents for biologicals expire. Biosimilars are not exactly same as the original reference drug and cannot be called as generic versions of biologic agents.